The actor recorded a Podcast Interview just before taking his vows with the actress at a beachfront wedding in Big Sur, California, over the weekend.

Jon Hamm, 52, gave Fans a hint about his baby plans with Anna Osecola, 35, whom he married over the weekend, in a recent Podcast interview. The actor appeared in the last episode of Table for Two with Bruce Bozzi before he was seize and when the theme of starting a family with his new wife came up, he admitted that it was possible. However, he always remained vague.

“The life that you have created and made possible – because no one has given you anything on a plate – it is so wonderful to see you embrace each other. And if this leads to starting a family, to starting a family… “, said Host Bruce, before Jon replied: “to be determined, to be determined…”

“This is the exciting part of life and it is a guide and a sign of the next chapter and the next step and ideally it will give you and your partner a sense of stability and comfort and an ability to identify better, deeper and richer than “This is my girlfriend”or “my boyfriend” or The new husband also said that he was “excited” about what his future will bring with Anna.

“It’s exciting, it’s exciting because everything is potential, everything is possible and everything is positive,” he said. “I guess there are two ways to look at something like this, namely “Oh, what if it’s terrible,” but the other way is like “it’s supposed to be something wonderful. So you are looking at this aspect that I have been. That’s the reason I really wanted to do it and I really got involved and [marriage] is the thing that leads to the next thing in life and that’s what I’m hoping for – and that’s the journey and it’s exciting.”

Jon also gave an overview of the wedding planning process. “[Marriage] is the thing that leads to the next thing in life, and I hope so – and that’s the journey and it’s exciting,” he explained. “All the details of planning and management can kill the mind and all the other things. But then you understand, and I think it only happened to me, maybe a week or so ago, when this kind of calm settled on me.”Jon’s new Podcast Interview was published three days after his wedding to Anna, whose engagement was reported earlier this year, which had crazy masculine aspects. Since the lovebirds met on the set of the show in 2015, they have made sure that some thematic details, including Mad Men Drinks, are present at the reception. There was also a small reunion when some of the show’s cast members introduced themselves as guests, including John Slattery.

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