Nick Cannon welcomed his 12th child, Halo, in December with Alyssa Scott. 2022 just a few weeks after he and Abby de la Rosa gave birth to their third child, the beautiful Zeppelin. Although this may raise an eyebrow for some, the 42-year-old musician and presenter previously said that all of his pregnancies-including several in one year – were planned. In a July 2021 Interview on his Podcast, Nick told Rap Duo City Girls that he “deliberately had children.”He confirmed, “Believe me, there are a lot of people I could have gotten pregnant with that I wouldn’t have,”” he said. “Those who have become pregnant are the ones who should get pregnant.”

During an appearance in August 2021 at the Breakfast Club, the Wild ‘N Out host revealed his views on marriage and defended his large and growing family. “Just the idea that a man should have a woman, we shouldn’t have anything. I have no property on this person. If we are really talking about the way we live together and the way we populate, it is a question of knowing what exchanges can we create together? I never really signed on to that mentality,” he said.

He continued to defend himself in June 2022, claiming that he was a super “committed” and attentive parent. “Contrary to popular belief, I am probably busy with my children throughout the day, more often than the average mature can be,” he said. “When I’m not bodily in the same city with my children, I talk to them before going to school via FaceTime and everything. And then, when I am [in the same city, I drive] my children to school, I make sure to pick them up.”

Plus, a person close to the singer revealed to HollywoodLife that the women who gave birth to Nick’s children are satisfied with the unorthodox Situation. “All the women with whom he has children are kept in the loop and informed whenever another baby is on the way,” they explained exclusively to HollywoodLife. “He has open communication with everyone. Nick has always believed that transparency is important. It would not be fair to the mothers of his children, nor to the children themselves.”

Nick also expressed his enthusiasm for his children again in an Interview with PEOPLE in May 2023. “I’m so excited for all my kids,” he said. “Constantly, from all aspects of it. It is from them that the citizens of the month receive awards in the first grade until the new ones are born. Every day I wake up excited as a father.”

Beautiful Zeppelin

On Nov. On January 12, 2022, Nick and Abby announced that they had given birth to the magnificent Zeppelin. “11.11.2022 a beautiful day for the arrival of the “beautiful Zeppelin Cannon”! Mom @hiabbydelarosa, you make everything so simple and effortless, but I am forever attached to your tireless work of constant dedication, diligent efforts and selfless love that you give to our children and to me,” Nick wrote in a post. Resurrection Messiah
Nick left in September. to her Instagram. september 30, 2022 to announce that he and Brittany Bell welcomed their third child together on September 23, 2022. Alongside a video of Brittany’s lavish baby shower, Nick gushed: “another blessing!!! As my journey on this planet becomes more and more remarkable and unfathomable, I can only thank God and continue to ask the Most High to Order my steps. He entrusted me with the management and domination of a family dynamic unimaginable for some. But more importantly, he has blessed me with loving people who guide me through this carefully determined life.”

Then he gushed about how lucky he is to enjoy this parental trip with Brittany. “I am so grateful and grateful for the matriarchal energy in my time of need. @missbbell was the rock and the foundation of my fatherhood journey,” he explained. “She taught me so much about parenting, Psychology, spirituality, love and life in general. For our third child, she told me that she didn’t want a Baby Shower and that she didn’t need anything! All she wanted was the prayer of her authentic relatives! I’m learning that this is the best gift! She introduced me to the concept of a BlessingWay!”

He also noted that the birth was “probably the most difficult labor and delivery” that he “has ever experienced!”He concluded: “48 hours of excruciating pain and mortal harmful to accommodate 10 books of love and joy called Rise MESSIAH CANNON.”


Nick announced the birth of his ninth child, and his first with photographer Lanisha Cole, on Sept. The couple posed with their daughter Onyx in the hospital in a photo that Nick shared on Instagram. “I swear to protect, provide for, guide and love this child to the best of my ability,” he kindly wrote. “I promise to love this little girl with all my heart, no matter what anyone says. I have given up trying to define myself for the world or society, but instead I am doing the work to heal and grow into the infinite being that God has designated me to be. I hope I can teach Onyx the same so that others don’t shame you or ridicule you with their outside opinions.”Legendary Love

Legendary Love

End of January. In 2022, there were rumors that the prolific star would become a dad for the eighth time after photos of Nick were seen at model Bre Tiesi’s baby shower and sex reveal party in Malibu, California., appeared on the Internet. Nick confirmed the latest addition to his growing family in January. 31 during an episode of The Nick Cannon Show. The host joked that he was “starting his own football team” and that Rihanna — who revealed in a series of photos that she was pregnant with A $AP’s child Rocky — was not carrying her baby. Nick also confirmed the sex of the baby (“It’s a boy! We found out yesterday,” he exclaimed) and suggested names for the new child, including Miracle, Confetti, Purpose, Immaculate and Chosen.

Nick and BRE’s son, Legendary Love, was born in July 2022 after Bre underwent an “all-natural, non-medicine home birth,” which she described on Instagram at the time.

Bre was previously married to former NFL quarterback Johnny Manziel. The couple annulmented in November 2021.


Nick’s son Zen was born in June 2021 as a model of Alyssa Scott. It was their first child together, but Nick’s seventh overall. Shortly after the little guy was born, his father took to his Instagram story to share a professional newborn photo of him, writing: “we present Zen.”

On December 7, 2021, Nick sadly announced on The Nick Cannon Show that Zen had died of a brain tumor at the age of five months. He sobbed as he shared the news with his listeners, revealing that the brain tumor had begun to grow rapidly at the end of November. Zen died in December. 5, 2021 shortly after a trip to the beach. Nick was there when his son died.

Although Alyssa and Nick are not expecting a new bundle of joy, ZEN’s memory will never be forgotten. Alyssa frequently posts homages to him on her Instagram page, for example on his first birthday. In addition to several Clips of her after son, an emotional Alyssa said: “at the root of all the feelings I have today there is an insurmountable love. I always do my best to stay positive, but for now I can’t help but shout: “it’s not supposed to be like this”. In my mind, I can see him breaking his cake and crawling and pulling my legs. But the reality is that I will be the one who blows out his first candle. I wish he was still here with us. GO HIGH.”


Nick became a father for the fifth and sixth time in June 2021 with Abby de la Rosa, who announced via Instagram that she had given birth to twins, Zion and Zillion. “Welcome to the world Zion Mixolydian Cannon & Zillion Heir Cannon,” she wrote next to a photo of herself holding her newborn sons in her arms at the hospital, as seen below.


Zillion, of course, is Zion’s twin brother. Abby likes to share photos of her little ones online, as shown on her Instagram page. When the twins turned one month old, she shared some adorable photos with her and Nick cuddling and pecking the boys as they lay in bed. And in an adorable post on his Instagram story in June 2022, Nick was seen spending time with the boys by dancing and encouraging them to walk. In one clip, Zion let out an adorable cry of joy as Nick and Abby laughed with joy.

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