Nicki Minaj, 40, has acknowledged her breast size in a new Instagram live video. The rapper, who confirmed that she had breast reduction surgery earlier this month, revealed her size before surgery and the impact of breastfeeding her son, now two, on her chest during a live chat with City Girls’JT on Monday. which was captured by the hall of Shadows. She also compared her chest size to JT’s chest size, which was also talked about.

“Nature did what she had to do for Papa bear,” Nicki said about breastfeeding her son, whose name has not been revealed. “There’s no way that your breasts are still looking like that right now and are completely attractive and cute and stuff like that in your clothes. Trust me. You weren’t the size I was.”

“When I tell you this size…Do do you want to know how big they were?”she continued. “Oh, Triple E. so believe me, boo boo. You didn’t have the type I had because you would have done the same thing I did.”

Nicki’s comments come after she confirmed her breast reduction surgery in the comments section of a post that included Selfie videos of her in a low-cut top. “New breasts who say?”she simultaneously wrote and promoted her and Ice Spice’s song, “Barbie World,” from the soundtrack of the highly anticipated Barbie movie, which will debut later this summer. Her message attracted a lot of compliments from Fans, who praised her for doing what she wanted to do despite some review.

Nicki spoke about breast reduction surgery in May 2022. The talented songwriter mentioned the procedure during a live broadcast at the time. “I’m not going to lie, someone told me to have my breasts removed, like a woman in the industry,” she admitted. She also said that she was not willing to make such a radical change at the time, but realized that the person was right. “I should have hurried and taken them off,” she said.

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