The reality TV star showed off her healthy figure as she frolicked on the beach in Miami on Monday!

Summer is in full swing and Nicole Richie is here for it! The former Simple Life Star, 41, was caught on Miami Beach rocking a tiny maroon red string Bikini as she frolicked on the beach on Monday, June 26. In the photos you can see here, the stunning mother-of-two appeared to be out of the water as her wet hair was slicked back and she wore chic aviator glasses for a Bond Girl aesthetic. She also seemed to be wearing at least one bracelet, as she was enjoying the June sun, and her attractive ankle tattoo was visible, albeit slightly covered in sand, as she stepped away from the water.

The crackling images come just two months after her beloved sister Sofia Elliot Grange tied the knot on April 22 in a lavish star-studded celebration in the south of France. Lionel Richie’s daughters were exceptionally close at the ceremony, with Nicole lovingly straightening her little sister’s train before the big Moment.

Nicole’s beautiful appearance and inner brilliance do not come without intention. In a 2020 Interview with Birdie, she shared the “wellness” Routine that makes her awesome despite the recent times at the time.

“It became important for me to stretch every day and find a Time to get out,” she told the outlet at the time. “Between Zooms and Instagram Lives, I’m definitely sitting more. Being active is something I need to work on a little harder these days. I don’t have a fitness routine because my life is so eclectic, with the kids from Zoom School. I like to take time for myself to read and connect with myself.”

She also shared the products she uses to stay healthy and look great. “I like to use lavender oil. It keeps me calm,” she added. “I put it on my feet. I’m not a big makeup artist, so I’m leaning towards skin care products at home. My mood is a moisturizer, a facial oil and a leave-in conditioner in My hair. I think we all want to feel good, especially at times like this. So, whatever it is, you should do it. For some people, this is a red lip. For me, I like my hair to be put together and my skin care to be applied.”

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