Rob Kardashian, 36, has returned to Instagram for the first time in four months to wish his older sister and best friend Khloé Kardashian a happy 39th birthday. “Happy birthday @khloekardashian… I wish you nothing but good health and happiness forever, my sweet buttercup!”he started with the sweet message where he and Koko posed for a Selfie. “I love you so much and I am so grateful to have you in my life and for everything you do for me and Dream.”

A second photo in the June 27 post showed Khloé smiling with Rob’s daughter, Dream, whom he shares with his Ex Blac Chyna. The good American founder quickly reacted with her own love. “My Baby!!!! My favorite person in the world. You are my heartbeat,” she wrote in the comments section.

Khloé and Rob’s fans and friends were impressed by the touching homage and gushed about the strong brother-sister bond in the comments section. Malika, Khloé’s best friend, commented “”fraternal twins”. Rob and

have always been very close and Rob even lived with his older sister while she was married to Lamar Odom. “I would not like it to be otherwise. I love having him with me,” she told Complex magazine in 2015.

Khloé took to Instagram in March to wish Rob a happy 36th birthday, as well as a series of recent and retrospective photos and videos of them. She showed how much her little brother meant to her by writing a long and sincere caption. “It’s one of my favorite days because it’s one of my favorite birthdays!! My baby Bobby Boy,” she began in the uplifting message. “My wish for you is a thousand wishes and may they all come true. That you wake up one day knowing with everything in your being that you are enough. You’ve always been enough. My wish is that you feel what everyone feels when they are in your presence, perfect happiness and respect!”

“They make people feel safe and that they are at home when they are around them. I pray that you realize that we are the lucky ones because we have you. My wish for you, I want you to be happy. Deeply and sublimely happy,” continued the mother of two children. “I want deep peaceful happiness to enter your life and that it never leaves your side. I hope that God imposes a crown on you and that this crown envelops you with strength, grace and love.”

After making a few kinder wishes to her brother, Khloé finished her post. “Truly, you are one of the most loving, hysterical, gentle and majestic people I have ever known. Being your sister is an absolute privilege. I will protect you forever, my beautifully brave brother. Happy birthday king @robkardashianofficial,” she signed.

Before his birthday message to Khloé, Rob last returned to Instagram to honor his and Khloé’s father, Robert Kardashian. Check out her birthday message to her dad here.

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